Handpan 9 Note in A Phrygian Minor


The 9 Note in A Minor is one of NovaPans’ most versatile handpans, with a choice of notes that are almost compatible with every scale (usually, one handpan has to be played in only one scale). Despite having so many notes, the scale naturally resolves on the A3, hence why we call it an A Minor. With the added adjacent note, A#3, players can enjoy the added sense of suspense and adventure in their improvisations while still being invited into singing the glorious notes of the higher F, G, and A4s. A particular specialty of this handpan is that by playing on the upper segment of each handpan note players can immediately triggure the harmonics of each note, without needing any additional technique. We’re very excited to be introducing the 8 Note A Minor in Crystal Blue and for a record price!


  • Notes: 9
  • Colour: Blue or Brown
  • Dimensions: 22 X 56 cm (height x diameter)
  • Scale: 9 Note in A Minor – D3, A3, Bb3, C4, D4, E4, F4, G4, A4.

Tuning Aspects
The 9 Note in A Phyrgian Minor actually has derivation of D Minor since its tonic Ding note is a D.

All Generation 2 Handpans come with their own Soft Case (with shoulder straps), collapsable Tripod-stool and two miniature mallets. If you're interested in getting a Hard Case for your Handpan, see what we have available here. All handpans come with a Gu hole (for resonance) and a nitrided coating for anti-rust.


Handpans by NovaPans | Our 9 Note in A Minor in Blue | Part 2 | NovaPans Handpans

Further Information:All notes of the handpan have a beautiful resonance which when played with a little practice, can be tamed in a matter of minutes to less than a few days. Have patience if finding the sweet spot doesn't come immediately and be reassured that over 500 other NovaPans customers have been empowered through handpan playing and watching our tutorials (here). Don't forget to like and follow our Facebook Page for the latest and live updates (here).
Weight13 kg
Dimensions63 × 63 × 37 cm

Brown, Dark Blue

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