Handpan 9 Note in G Celtic Minor | Generation 1



While everybody loved the Celtic on the traditional larger handpans and at the same time adored the smaller handpans for their light-weight portability, no one ever considered combining the two. With the 9 Note in G Celtic Minor Generation 1 the player gets all 9 notes of the handpan on a much smaller and light-weight handpan (similar to the 7 Note). With such portability and versatility is sound and performance, the 9 Note G Celtic Minor really is the handpan of the future.


  • Notes: 9
  • Colour: Black or Silver
  • Dimensions: 24 X 54 cm (height x diameter)
  • Tuning: Original D Minor Pentatonic: (G3), D4, Eb4, Gb4, G4, A4, Bb4, C5, D
  • Soft Case

Tuning aspects:
The Celtic scale has long reigned preferable to a lot of more experienced handpan players and we suspect this is due to the versatility of the scale. You can convey a mood which is quite joyful on one side of the handpan while in combination with all notes generate one which is a lot more mysterious, perhaps even devious.

All Generation 1 Handpans come with their own Soft Case (with shoulder straps), and protective cover (for added protection during travel but which can also be used as an additional percussive instrument). If you're interested in getting a Hard Case for your Handpan, see what we have available in the Shop here. All handpans come with a Gu hole (for resonance) and a nitrided coating for anti-rust.


Further Information: All notes of the handpan have a beautiful resonance which when played with a little practice, can be tamed in a matter of minutes to less than a few days.

Have patience if finding the sweet spot when playing your handpan doesn't come immediately and be reassured that over 500 other NovaPans customers have been empowered through handpan playing and watching our handpan tutorials.
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News Update: Leading up to Christmas 2019 we are running the annual XMAS BATCH SALE. In case you're new to this, our batch sales began two years ago and allow customers to preorder handpans at a substantial discount, all in a community effort to produce handpans in volume and therefore reduce production costs.

Preorder prices will be available until November 24th, 2019.

  • Purchase a Handpan and expect the following delivery times:
  • In Stock: Within 2-7 days of order date
  • To Order: Within 2-3 weeks of order date
  • Preorder: By December 15th 2019

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Weight4 kg
Dimensions63 × 63 × 37 cm

Silver, Black

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