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NovaPans Handpans offers a range of handpans (“hang drums”,) each with a different selection of notes, scales and prices. When considering your handpan, it’s recommended that you listen to the various video recordings available posted in the product descriptions and also read their product description. Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you have any questions! We are based in the United States, the United Kingdom and soon, Australia.


Handpan Warning

If you are getting handpan ads, don’t click on them, tag @nova_pans (Instagram) or @novapans (Facebook).

Here’s another “HOT” TIP. Any ad with a headline such as, ‘HOT SALE’ or emojis (such as airplanes or fire icons) are outright clickbait traps. There’s a lot more of these out there guys, don’t fall for their ploys.

ATTENTION: It has been brought to our attention multiple times this week as we lead up to Christmas 2019 but also the last few months that the illicit website which claims to be selling ours and many others’ handpans is back.

It goes by the name of US.EINING, BAGRANK, US.OBJECTTOP, FIREJUST, BIGHTSTORE, H-AMUST, IRONSAY, JERGUN, and many new names every week. It uses content from multiple official handpan websites that are not their own.

This is because they do not send the goods nor actually make them. It’s your typical Chinese scam where they take your money and keep you hanging on until it’s too late to claim your money back. Beware.

As a rule of thumb, stray far away from these handpan sites that tend to be full of either mixed varied handpan content, top and repeated reviews using the same photos and blatant forgery, popups that say an that order’s just been made, and generally speaking, written in broken-English. You’ll see these sites today but by next month they’ll be completely off the radar. If you’ve already paid these crooks, contact your bank and get your payment back immediately (you are able to).

Thank you for those that have told me and others. Google has been informed. More information on this topic found here.

The NovaPans Handpans Team

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NovaPans Handpans began on Etsy.com in 2016,

Has had 70+ five Stars reviews on our shop, and

Offer our customers the best customer service.

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NovaPans Handpan Videos

We have over five different scales, sizes and types of handpans, each with their very own sound and feel.

Have a listen to all of our handpans and customer videos and see which one you prefer!

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