Handpan Raffle


Not everybody has $1600 to spend on or save for a handpan, so we decided to simply give them out (twice a year!). See Terms below.


Terms of the Handpan Raffle

  • By entering the draw and subscribing, you agree to the following terms. You also be subscribed to our latest news and offers and also have the opportunity to win a Handpan of your choice every time we run the raffle. That means if you get a ticket today, you’ll be entered into the draw for as long as we do the Raffle. 

  • You ARE allowed to obtain more than one ticket at one time!

  • The next (fourth!) draw will be made on the 1st June 2020!

  • When you purchase a raffle ticket, your name and details will be entered into our excel sheet and be given a number based on your position.

  • When the draw is made in December 2019 and January 2020, a number will be picked at random (using an online random number generator) and a winner chosen.

  • The winner will win his/her Handpan of choice to be produced and delivered just like any of NovaPans’ other orders. The winner may also be able to change his/her original choice of handpan later, as long as it belongs to the same priced handpan raffle ticket (for e.g. if you chose a 9 Note Pentatonic Generation 2 Raffle Ticket and won, you couldn’t then change it to a 9 Note Generation 3).

  • The draw will be videoed and/or made live on NovaPans’ Facebook.

  • Generation 3 Handpans are at this point in time, no longer available to win. Thus, ‘D Celtic’ in the ticket selection refers only to that of the 9 Note in D Celtic Minor Generation 1.

  • All contenders, regardless of whether they win or not, will remain subscribed to NovaPans, which offers exclusive discounts and updates. 

  • The live video of the FIRST winner can be found here (Jan 2019) or on the live Facebook page here.

    Handpan Raffle No. 1 | Novapans Handpans

  • The live video of the SECOND winner can be found here (July 2019) or on the live Facebook page directly here.

    Handpan Raffle No. 2 | Novapans Handpans

  • The live video of the THIRD (January 2020)  winner can be found here (January 2020) oron the live Facebook page directly here.
  • Good luck!

paypalcredit-FOR novapans

Weight5 kg
Dimensions63 × 63 × 30 cm
Model of Handpan

7 Note G Minor, 8 Note F Minor, 9 Note A Minor, 9 Note D Celtic, 9 Note D Pentatonic, 9 Note F Hijaz, 9 Note G Celtic

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